Sponsor Special: Rep. Charles Rangel on Jobs and Unemployment

Two weeks ago, we released an episode on H.R. 2394, the Rebuilding America’s Schools Act sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel. We got a chance to sit down with Rep. Rangel, the third longest-serving member of the House from a New York City district where “Republican” is practically a dirty word, to discuss the bill and the larger context behind it.

As the interview covered a range of topics, we are releasing it in two parts. The first covers both his school modernization bill and the larger Progressive Caucus jobs plan. As you will see, Mr. Rangel chose to focus primarily on the latter, stressing that his legislation is but a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

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  • http://twitter.com/msral Rhonda Taylor

    Amazing the 99ers waited 3 years for job creation and when it finally arrives THEY R EXCLUDED…YOU DONT get to USE our STORIES without HELPING US WE WONT ALLOW IT.

  • http://twitter.com/msral Rhonda Taylor

    We will educate our family friends and neighbors on how we have been ignored and bring them all the evidence of using the sad stories of 99ers while totally ignoring them and not helping them….SHAME on the Democrats your are no better than the Republicans on this issue.

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    Our elected officials just do not have a clue about what to do. Young people are going to say, ‘go to school’ for what? There are no good jobs left to go to school for. The more we believe these people who have no idea of what is happening, the deeper in the hole we will find ourselves. The wealthy seem to think that they can lead from up front, when in reality it only allows those who are gullible to follow the wealthy around until they are so poor they can no longer participate in society as a consumer.

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